Citric Acid (born 1976) is the alter ego of Thorsten Boesing, a german Acid and Techno producer.

In his early years (about 16) he found the gate into the world of analog music gear and his product Acid music. With lots of remixes and releases on different labels  and compilations using different artitst names, he has now already established himself as a kind of pioneer in Acid / Techno and House.

Besides his broad musical activities he is also in charge of promoting Yamaha and Mode Machines Musical Instruments across Europe. Also he do programming factory presets for some synthesizer and Plug in inventors.

"Cit" was also working as a part-time studio technician and has a broad list of productions he had his hands on.

The list of parties, festivals and dance-events he has performed is almost endless as well as the hardwear gear list he owns. As a collector of old analogue stuff he has a big arsenal of vintage synths and drumboxes.

Any production of "Cit" is a mixture of Acid / Techno / Oldskool-Acid and a harder kind of Acidtechno. Any track is full of his personality, a part of his soul.

Every live perfomance is described as remarkable, he invents every note from scratch and every sequence is livegenerated and not fixed as an arrangement.

In 2005 he started his own Acid Label Acid Jack Records, Artists like Dj ESP aka Woddy Mc Bride,G-Force, Arkanoid, Poor Boy Rich, Computer Controlled and Brothers on Acid have some realy nice Releases on this Plattform.

So in the next future you will hear a lot of pure and innovated Acid and Techno...